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Shine Brighter Custom Fitness programing and coaching
created for your specific goals.

Complete Personalized fitness with Supernova Custom


Supernova Custom helps athletes maximize their athletic potential by providing personalized programming and coaching.

Supernova General

Full access
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Full access to all Supernova General programing




Supernova Compete


Programming designed for athletes who intend to take competitive functional fitness seriously and get to the next level of their fitness journey.

Supernova Sweat


Programming designed to improve your aerobic and anaerobic capacity through various cyclical machines such as; the air bike, rower, ski erg and running.

Supernova Strength


Programming designed to improve overall strength through lifts such as; the Clean & Jerk, the Snatch, the Split Jerk, multiple variations of the Squat, the Deadlift and more.

Supernova Sport


Programming designed to help high school, collegiate and professional athletes to excel in their given sport.

Supernova Swole


Programming designed to improve muscle size and density for athletes of all levels.

Supernova Bodyweight


Programming designed to be done at any time and place. No equipment? No problem.

Supernova Kids


Programming designed for kids 13 and under designed to provide basic knowledge and practice of fitness.


”The workouts they create have gotten me a lot stronger while keeping my flexibility and mobility.“

– Ryan Proto, Catcher UMass Lowell, Supernova Sport Athlete

”Supernova Training
isn’t just for competitive athletes — those of us who are just looking for a little extra guidance and accountability can get a lot of out the program as well“

– Christy Linn, Supernova Custom

“Supernova takes all of the thinking out of it, all you have to do is the work.”

Brendan Gausselin QB Kalamazoo College, Supernova Sport Athlete

“I highly recommend the Supernova Compete program if you’re looking to take that next step in becoming a competitive CrossFit athlete.”

Hunter LePrell Supernova Compete Athlete

“Working with Supernova has taken my training to a new level.”

Matt Petercuskie Quarterback RPI, Supernova Sport Athlete

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Ranging from various fields of fitness and decades of experience our coaches are here to guide, push and make your athletic vision come to light.
Youth Coach
Youth Coach

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